Reuben Yap joined FIRO in 2016 and has been actively involved in various roles within the project. If you’re looking to swap Firo (formerly Zcoin), SwapSpace is your one-stop-shop. We have some light reading for you – in case you’d want a refresher on what is Firo (formerly Zcoin) or some fresh information about FIRO’s price movements. Unlike Zcash, separate sntr price parameters are needed for each denomination of coin, and there is information leakage about the denominations used. Proofs are about 45 KiB (not even taking into account the need for multiple proofs for the denominated coins) as opposed to 296 bytes for the raw proof in Zcash. Tadhg Riordan is a 24 year old Software Developer from Wexford, Ireland.

If you are looking to get some Zcoin, here is a list of resources where it can be bought from. Every 10 minutes, a Zcoin block is mined and 50 coins are generated, making 72,000 Zcoins per day. Zcoin seeks to improve things that Bitcoin hasn’t been able to so far, some of which include fungibility, privacy and miner’s centralization. Firo stands out as one out of a handful of projects that contribute independent research to blockchain privacy and decentralization technologies such as Sigma, Lelantus, Lelantus Spark and MTP.

At Zucoins, he has built a strong development team and holds a long-term vision for the company. Allan is a strong visionary that never gives up on his goals and dreams. Georgia has substantial experience across marketing and product development, how to buy zkswap event management, branding & design, lead generation, public relations, strategic planning and digital marketing. In addition, she continues to expand her leadership competency while effectively leading and managing a growing team.

Our work has played a pivotal role in the space having influenced or been adopted in other projects. If you are planning to trade crypto, please consult a financial adviser. WazirX Headquartered in Mumbai, it’s India’s largest and most used exchange. In February 2019, Firo announced its integration into the official Binance wallet, Trust Wallet. Join our mailing list to get regular Blockchain and Cryptocurrency updates.

The first choice is a hardware wallet, and then you can go with the official coin wallet and third-party software wallets. The Firo team has forked an Electrum BTC wallet to provide you with an opportunity for seamless and secure access to store and operate XZC cryptocurrency. Electrum XZC is a light wallet which means you don’t need to download the whole Firo blockchain. The greatest milestone for XZC was achieved in the spring of 2019 when the Firo team has finally released Sigma – a new protocol that replaced the previous Zerocoin protocol. In October 2018, FIRO (formerly Zcoin) made significant strides in privacy by becoming the pioneering project to implement Dandelion++.

Backup with just a user name and a password and secure access with a PIN or Touch ID makes Edge a perfect service for crypto beginners. Another great news is you can use Electrum Firo (XZC) wallet with hardware Ledger wallets. There is a step-by-step guide on how to install the Firo app on the Ledger device to manage XZC cryptocurrency with the Electrum XZC wallet. At Zucoins, Phil is helping the team across all areas in building the Zucoins and SplitChain brands in an ever-evolving industry. From marketing and brand strategies to web development, content creation, advertisements and Lottie animations, Phil is continually expanding his knowledge and skills.

Recently he worked for a marketing agency where he started out as the lead web developer, with involvement in client sales and the onboarding process. He established and maintained the Google advertising branch of the company. Phil transitioned into the head of the digital role overseeing all digital projects including web design, EDMs, Google Ads, Social Media Ads and hosting services.

The wallet suits both crypto novices and professionals as it is simple, secure and offers a wide variety of digital assets. Firo and Zcash are based on different papers – Zerocoin paper and Zerocash paper respectively. Despite sharing the same authors and using the zero-knowledge proof algorithms, these papers rely on different cryptography. Today, he is responsible for leading the overhaul of technical systems, processes and products inside the company and its two product divisons. He is leading the deployment of a new, ground-up, more efficient serverless infrastructure for web app development, built-in house, powering the future of our products and services. Riley is Chief Financial Officer and brings vast experience across many fields, including customer service, account management and accounting with Cycling Australia and Energy Australia.

He recently completed his MSc from Trinity College Dublin, where he worked with Blockchain privacy mechanisms, focusing particularly on Zero-Knowledge Proofs and the Ethereum platform. He is a strong advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency and for complete financial privacy. Zcoin works how to buy kin coin on the Zerocoin protocol by enforcing Zero-knowledge proofs. Once you’re done, you will need to go through some verification process, and finally, you’ll get your coins in the Binance wallet. The platform will require you to add a new card so that they can process the transactions.

Republic Protocol is a decentralized dark pool protocol for trading large volumes of digital assets.

Phil, a marketing specialist, joins the Zucoins team with over 15 years experience in the marketing industry. FIRO tokens can also be staked by users to support the security and operation of the FIRO network. Staking involves holding a certain amount of tokens in a designated wallet to participate in the consensus mechanism and earn staking rewards.

⚠ Trading cryptocurrencies involves risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Cryptocurrency prices can be volatile and unpredictable, and may be influenced by various factors, including market manipulation, regulatory changes, and technological developments. Zcoin GUI Wallet is an official desktop wallet to store Firo (XZC) and manage your private keys. Once the Sigma protocol was proposed to the community, the look of the Firo wallet was mandatory updated.

Atomars team rolled out updates to improve overall user account security and withdrawal process experience.

The protocol was considered to be implemented into the Bitcoin blockchain but met with resistance from the Bitcoin community. The zerocoin protocol was proposed in May 2013 by John Hopkins University professor, Matthew D. Green and his students. The main goal was to introduce a way of anonymized cryptocurrency transactions that couldn’t be tracked. Robert is the CTO at Zukaz and Zucoin and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience within IT, web and app development.


Zcoin is an encouraging privacy project with a very active development team that is working on improving the codebase and securing the network. Improved scaling solutions and a quantum-resistant blockchain, are some of the activities the team plans to evaluate in 2020. The hard fork and subsequent change to the MTP algorithm have been positive overall. Zcoin was the first cryptocurrency to adopt MTP that made all miners equal. The blockchain has become ASIC resistant, and mining has become more profitable.

Research and Development

This innovative transaction propagation method serves as a privacy safeguard by preventing third parties from linking IP addresses to specific transactions. By adopting Dandelion++, FIRO took a proactive approach to enhance user anonymity and confidentiality within the network. This implementation further solidified FIRO’s commitment to privacy-focused solutions and its continuous efforts to safeguard user information from prying eyes.

It is now much easier to interact with the wallet, process the minting and sending XZC. It was launched in late September 2016 by a former student of the same John Hopkins University, Poramin Insom and his team. Firo has become the first cryptocurrency to implement Zerocoin protocol. Notably, the initial investors of the Firo project were Roger Ver and Tim Lee, who have definitely added credibility to the XZC cryptocurrency. Firo (XZC) is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency aimed at increasing individual liberty. Firo’s team strives to bring freedom of commerce as well as the strongest level of anonymity to the world.

However, when you trade with Zcoin’s Zercoin feature, your transaction history is not linked to the actual coins. Only the receiver and sender know that the funds have actually been exchanged. The best place to store the crypto you have bought is in wallets outside the exchange.

Earn Firo

In his role, he strategises, designs, and implements daily financial processes to increase productivity, achieve organisational objectives, and foster strong stakeholder management. Before joining the team, Pete worked in a multitude of different roles, including several director positions, regional sales manager, corporate purchasing manager and a new homes advisor/area manager. The holders of FIRO have the ability to participate in the governance of the FIRO network.

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