Gross margin Wikipedia

” Markup and the margin definition are two of the most important numbers that a business owner or manager needs to know. Now that you know the difference between markups and margins, you’re probably wondering which figure to work with. Say your company creates neon signs that cost $120 to manufacture. Instead, you’ll have to […]

What is Invoice Discounting? Everything You Need to Know

Joe’s customer settles the invoice a few weeks later, paying £10,000 into a trust account controlled by the lender. With confidential facilities, from the customer’s point of view it will look like they’re paying Joe directly. Funders only employ this finance arrangement if a large amount of factoring is involved. Invoice discounting lets businesses get […]

One-time or lump-sum payment Definition

This will likely put you in a lower tax bracket, reducing the amount of taxes owed. For example, a person wins $5 million in the lottery and chooses to take the entire winnings via lump sum payment. When you receive a lump sum payment, some of the factors that can affect the tax liability are […]

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